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SMC Production Units

Hydraulische Imprägnierstrecke einer SMC-Produktionsanlage  
Rakel einer Harzmattenanlage  
Flachbahnanlage für Polyesterplatten  

Technical Specifications
SMC coating weight per unit area:
2,5 to 7 kg/m²

Working width:
600 to 4000mm

Sheet speed:
3 to 27 m/min.

Fibre cutting length:
12,7 to 50,8 mm as standard. Special lengths and combinations on demand.

Electr. Connected load:
~6 kW

Production performance,
Theoretical example:

Working width:


Sheet speed:

Coating weight per unit area:
6 kg/m²

Production performance:

Our Our SMC production lines which have approved multiple all over the world, will enable the production of your SMC products to highest quality criteria.

The principle of the Flachbahnanlage guarantees a perfect impregnation level, also with:

  • high amount of filler up to 50 %
• high sheet weights up to 7 kg/m²
• high glass content up to 50 %, depending of
production speed 3-27 m/min

The recipe data as sheet weight and glass concentration are fed into as a program. The build in PLC controls enable you all degrees of freedom and may be designed especially to meet your requirements.
Through this modern process control the tolerances in the sheet weight will be reduced to a low terminal value and enable the production of SMC semi-finished products at a class A quality.

We are world market leader in the manufacture of SMC production systems and offer you in addition to the product SMC a wide range of components for the extension of your new or existing system:

  • SMC Cutting & Slitting System
• Dosage, Mixing and Pumping Units
• Dissolver
• Sheet weight measuring and control system

Ask about our additional equipment and we will gladly support and advise you with the configuration of the components.

Our standard possibilities for equipment of the SMC production system

Cutting systems:
One or two wide cutting systems, optionally telescoping. For mixed fibre lengths and for the combination with endless rovings.

Doctor box system:
Our stable construction principle guarantees a brilliant constancy of the doctor box system. On demand you may equip the doctor box with a niveau regulator.

Impregnation unit:
The impregnation unit demonstrates an important component of our systems. The zones for pre-impregnation and impregnation may be adjusted pneumatically or hydraulically by use of separated and reproducible functional powers.

Dosage, Mixing and Pumping Unit:
It is realized with a continual dosage, mixing and pumping system for up to 3 components.

It is your decision whether it is wound on standard or big rolls or whether it shall be packed in boxes. We now can offer also our new horizontal zig-zag depositor.

Safety equipment:
All our systems comply with the guidelines of the German and European security standards and have the CE Certificate. Your system may also be optional equipped with an explosion protection.

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