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New Technoloy – FiDoCut


Technical Specifications
Working width:
Modular concept from
500 mm with 4 bobbins. At adequate working width the system can also equipped with 8 or 12 bobbins. Special widths are available on request.

Adjustable fibre length:
Programmable from 2 to
200 mm. Fibre lengths are modifiable during the production process.

Fibre feed rate:
up to 240 m/min

Rotation speed of spindles:
up to 12.000 r.p.m.

  • Chemical and natural fibres are sliceable
• Fibre cutting lengths are changeable by programming
• Long durability of knife blades, easy to change
• defined spread bed producible

Our new Fibre Dosing and Cutting system was especially made for the cutting of ductile chemical and natural fibres which are not sliceable with the well-known roving cutting system.

Up to now the fibres had to be primed for the cutting in order to achieve good cutting results but the new cutting system FiDoCut now enables special product orientated possibilities.So with the new FiDoCut system now mixing of different kinds of fibres in one working process is possible.

The cutting of the fibres is performed by resharpenable blades following the principle of scissors and by a rotating spindle. The used endless fibres can be roving bobbins with interior haul-off or bobbins with exterior haul-off. The endless strings are drawn-off by a feed unit and are fed to a downstream cutting spindle system.

The fibre strings are pulled through the fibre feeding moduls by an air conveying system. The needed air flow is generated by an adjustable compressor.
The cutting spindles are driven by a variable speed drive. The fibre length and the mass flow can be programmed for a wide range with the therefor developed software.

The modular concept allows a realization of different working widths starting from 500 mm with 4 spindles. The system can also be equipped with 8 or 12 spindles.
Special widths are available on request.

As this cutting system has a cutting performance depending on the kind of fibre and the fibre length we will be able to realize an optimal design of the cutting system for you after receipt of a sample bobbin.

Required details:
1. Kind of fibre and tex weight
2. Kind of bobbin and bobbin weight
3. Desired fibre lengths and fibre range
4. Cutting performance for fibre length
5. Working width
6. Mass per unit area/tolerance

Contact us!
We are looking forward to explain our new FiDoCut system to you in detail and will gladly work out customized solutions for your application.
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