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Filtration Technology

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BOKELA is one of the most competent and innovative companies in the field of solid/liquid separation (SLS). As an independent engineering company BOKELA offers its customers world-wide individual, tailor- made solutions.
We are a preferred partner for BOKELA for the manufacturing of these modern filtration technologies.

Overview Filtration Systems

Kontinuierliche Vacuumfilter Tellerfilter Kontinuierliche Druckfilter Dynamische Crossflow Filter Scheibenfilter Trommelfilter

1. Continuous Vacuum rotary filter
Drum filter, disc filter and pan filter are continuously working rotary filters which are used for the separation of solids-/ liquid mixtures in the processing industry especially when high throughputs have to be processed in continuous production processes. They fulfil tasks as separation, washing and dehumidification of solids and therefore influence in decisive extent the product quality as well as the economy and environmental audit of production processes.
BOKELA vacuum rotary filters are modern high performance filters which, with its innovative design, represent a new generation of rotary filters.

Disc filter
Due to their construction, disc filters have the biggest filtration area per installation area and the biggest specific throughput, relating to the filtration area. BOKELA Boozer disc filters have a disc diameter of 3, 9 m to 5, 6 m and filtration areas up to 264 m². The filtration discs, arranged on a shaft, are divided into up to 30 single filter segments. They are predominantly used at the production of bulk products in the processing of raw materials, as e.g. in the processing of bauxite in aluminium refineries, the processing of coal and ore etc.


Drum filter
Drum filters enable an intensive washing of the drum cake and offer different methods for the discharge of the filter cake from the filter cloth. Drum filters are therefore used in an especially broad spectrum of products and production processes. The design layouts are accordingly manifold. BOKELA drum filters are characterized by a high throughput, excellent filter cake washing and a complete filter cake discharge.


Pan filter
Pan filters offer – due to their horizontally arranged filter areas- an especially good possibility for the filter cake washing. Main fields of application are the filtration and washing of coarse-grained suspensions especially at the processing of bauxite and phosphate or in the manufacturing of fertilizers.


2. Continuous Press filter
The Hi-Bar Oyster Filter from BOKELA is the most modern technology for continuous press filtration and was developed for demanding applications in the chemical-, pharmaceutical- and food industry. The Oyster Filter is enclosed in a pressure tank which enables differences in filtration pressure up to 6 bar. With the patented Hi-Bar steam pressure filtration superheated steam is used for the washing and dehumidification of the filter cake.For this the filter is equipped with a special steam cabin. Thus extremely pure and dry filter cakes are achieved.

3. Cross flow Filter for dynamic diaphragm- and screen filtration
Crossfolw 1


The DYNO filter is a cross flow filter which operates according to a dynamic cross flow principle. As a diaphragm filter the DYNO filter enables to concentrate, to wash and to clarify suspensions difficult to be treated.
Fields of application are e.g. the processing of fine minerals, inorganic and organic pigments and countless products in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

An especially demanding task is the continuous separation of low concentrated, coarse-grained particles of ductile suspensions. As a dynamic screen filter the DYNO filter enables unique solutions as e.g. with the production of polymer foam.


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